We help you improve business performance and create long term environmental, social, and economic sustainability, value and impact.

Who We Are

Sustainability Business Practices is a consulting company that assists public and private sector organizations and businesses to implement and integrate sustainability best practices into their administrative and operational processes to improve decision making and implement and embed sustainability, social, and economic best practices.

What are Best Practices?

Best practices include sustainability standards, protocols, processes, and certifications for Administration and Management, Design and Engineering, Marketing and Sales, Operation and Manufacturing, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, and Finance and Accounting that can be found in the book Sustainability Demystified- A Practical Guide for Business Managers and Leaders.

Assessment & Advancement

We developed sustainability assessments, plans, and standards for organizations such as Grand Valley State University, the City of Grand Rapids, and the Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association helps to inform their focus and advancement in sustainability

Development & Integration

Our work in development and integration aid in the establishment of sustainability collaborations and partnerships for organizations like Seeds of Promise and the West Michigan Food Processing Association.

Our Work So Far -

Developing sustainability plans and reporting formats
Determining the collective impact of sustainability at grand valley state university
Creating sustainability jobs in the marketplace