Does Sustainability Really Improve the “Bottom Line?”

Note: This article was originally posted by Norman Christopher for the West Michigan Food Processing Association on June 2, 2022.


Although sustainability practices have been available and refined over the last 20 years, many C Suite executives still question whether sustainability really improves bottom line performance. Management viewpoints and feedback can range from the costs outweigh the benefits, “one off” programs, lack of integration into business or strategic plans, doesn’t meet management expectations, appears too “risky,” timing is not right, lack of sustainability budget or resources, and the list goes on! These perceptions may seem difficult to overcome, but it does not mean that sustainability programs and initiatives should not be pursued. So what has to change? One of the most important strategies lies in reframing the sustainability opportunity in a different light and demonstrating that sustainability is “good for the bottom line, as well as being good for the planet.” What lens should we use?


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